VIRESA introduces esports to people with disabilities

VIRESA officially introduced esports to the people with disability community, an activity to develop esports in Việt Nam and strengthen Việt Nam’s level in international map.


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Esports is introduced to people with disabilities on January 17 in HCM City. Photos courtesy of VIRESA

HCM CITY — The Việt Nam Recreational and Electronic Sports Association (VIRESA) officially introduced esports to the disability community on January 17 in HCM City.

The event was jointly organised by VIRESA and the City’s Sports Training and Competition Centre.

Currently, there are more than 15 sports organised for disabled people living and working in HCM City, of which nine are strongly developed with annual national championships. Outstanding athletes often take part in international tournaments and Paralympics.

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People with disabilities play esports on smartphones and computers on January 17 in HCM City. 

With a purpose of diversifying sports for people with disabilities, creating opportunities for disabled athletes to participate in new field of sports, VIRESA introduced a number of esports such as EA FC Online, League of Legends and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, that are being competed at regional sports competitions such as the SEA Games and Asian Games as well as major domestic and international tournaments.

The aims is to develop esports movements and discover talented players who will be national team members to prepare for the 2026 ASEAN Paragames in Thailand when esports is expected to be an official competition.

Also at the event, participants had opportunities to experience and play esports on computers and smart phones. They were also introduced to new and interesting career opportunities related to esports and suitable with people with disabilities such as: content creators, streamers and programmers.

“VIRESA hopes to popularise esports among the people with disabilities community. This introducing programme is part of our roadmap to develop esports in HCM City,” said VIRESA Chairman Nguyễn Xuân Cường.

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VIRESA Chairman Nguyễn Xuân Cường (right) explains esports to participants.

He added that previously VIRESA supported the organisation of esports at the 2023 ASEAN Para Games in Cambodia. Recognising the development of this new generation sport in the people with disabilities community in Southeast Asia, VIRESA formed a plan to develop esports for disabled people in Việt Nam. 

The January 17 programme was expected to be a premise to expand e-sports tournaments for people with disabilities. It will promote equality and the disabled people’s intergration to the esports community, giving them opportunities to prove their talent and shine in tournaments.

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