Vietnamese overseas investment skyrockets over seven-month period

VOV.VN – Vietnamese businesses poured a combined total of US$570.1 million into newly-licensed and capital-added projects abroad during the seven months of the year, representing an annual 2.3-fold rise, according to the Foreign Investment Agency.

Vietnamese overseas investment skyrockets over seven-month period

In relation to the figure, 28 new projects received investment certificates with a total registered capital worth US$145.3 million, equal to 70.4% compared to the same period from last year.

A further US$424.8 million was poured into capital adjusted and added projects, a 9.1–fold increase from last year.

A major part of the capital outflow of US$270.8 million was pumped into science and technology projects, thereby accounting for 47.5% of total investment capital, trailed by the wholesale and retail sectors with US$148.6 million, along with other fields such as agro-forestry-fisheries, administrative activities, and support services.

Vietnamese investors have also injected money into 18 countries and territories globally, with the United States representing the top destination for Vietnamese capital with US$302.8 million, thereby accounting for 53.1% of total investment capital.

Cambodia ranked second with total investment capital of US$89.2 million, followed by Laos and Canada with US$47.8 million, and US$32.1 million, respectively.

As of July 20 the country became involved in 1,423 valid overseas investment projects, with total investment capital reaching US$21.8 billion.


Vietnamese overseas investment skyrockets over seven-month period (