Top riders triumph in Moto 1 at Aquabike World Championship

Francois Medori, Jasmiin Ypraus and Quinten Bossche secured Moto 1 wins at the Grand Prix of Bình Định-Việt Nam’s Aquabike World Championship on March 23 in in Quy Nhơn City, Bình Định Province.

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339029 runabout 1 | FDI Việt Nam
French Francois Medori wins the Runabout GP1 of the Aquabike World Championship on March 23 in in Quy Nhơn City, Bình Định Province. Photos of Bình Định F1

BÌNH ĐỊNH — Francois Medori, Jasmiin Ypraus, and Quinten Bossche emerged as the victorious competitors in Moto 1 at the Grand Prix of Bình Định-Việt Nam’s Aquabike World Championship on March 23 in Quy Nhơn City, Bình Định Province.

In the Runabout GP1 race, the defending world champion Medori faced a challenging start as he was not initially part of the leading-three group. However, Medori relentlessly exerted heavy pressure on his rivals. With less than four minutes remaining in the race, at the ninth lap, he made a remarkable move and skillfully took the lead.

The French maintained his composure during the closing turns to secure victory by a margin of 20.198sec from Swedish Samuel Johansson, who passed a struggling Dane Marcus Jorgensen, who had led for most of the race, on the last lap.

Gyorgy Kasza of Hungary came third.

“Rasmus (Koch Hansen) and Jeremy (Perez) had some problems and then I passed Marcus (Jorgensen). I was able to secure the first position,” Medori was quoted as saying on

“It is a really good start but we have to stay focused for tomorrow and try to do the same thing. I feel really good. I made a bad start because I made a mistake in the turn. I try to do my best to come back.”

339028 lady | FDI Việt Nam
Jasmiin Ypraus of Estonia tops the Ski Ladies GP1 Moto event.

Perez, who took the pole position after two qualification rounds earlier on March 23, was dispointed with his early exit. He was grounded to a halt with his own engine issues.

“(There is) A problem with the engine. I was second and I lose power. I try to keep going but I had to stop. We will change the engine and see tomorrow for the points,” he said.

Pole-sitter Jasmiin Ypraus of Estonia was in the second place of the Ski Ladies GP1 Moto, which was the first event on to the water.

She was behind Jessica Chavanne from France, followed by French Estelle Poret and Swedish Sofie Borgstrom.

Chavanne maintained a constant gap over Ypraus heading into the last five minutes with her other rivals holding station.

339030 ski | FDI Việt Nam
Quinten Bossche from Belgium secures Ski Division GP1.

But she made a minor mistake on the final lap and Ypraus took the chance to overcome and take the win by 1.942sec, picking up 25 championship points.

Poret rounded off the podium places while Drange and Borgström completed the top five.

“Jessica is super-fast. She had a great start and I just keep pushing and pushing her, hoping she would make a mistake. She had a small slide and I could pass her, so it’s a victory. I didn’t pass her on the race track course, she made a mistake, so I cannot be proud of that. But it was a great race,” said Ypraus.

In the Ski Division GP1, Austrian Kevin Reiterer started first after taking the pole position in the morning.

But Belgian Quinten Bossche made an explosive start and maintaining his outstanding performance till the end.

He reached the chequered flag 11.459sec ahead of Reiterer. Brothers Morgan, Mickael and Jeremy Poret were later finishers

“What can I say? First race of the season, first Moto, we won,” Bossche said. “I will try and do the same in Moto 2 and Moto 3. I am very happy for my team Fast Powersports. It’s always cool to have the first Moto of the season. Let’s see tomorrow.”

339031 free | FDI Việt Nam
An athlete performs in the Freestyle session.

On March 23 evening, thousands of fans were entertained by thrilling Parallel Slalom heats and the floodlit first Freestyle Moto with the on-water action.

On March 24, athletes will compete in the Moto 2 and Moto 3 of the Ski Ladies, Ski Division; and Moto 2 of the Runabout and Freestyle.

According to organisers, prior to competitions, there will have a parade of the Việt Nam Coast Guard. Bình Định’s officials, and representatives of the Bình Định F1 Company and H2O Racing will join the parade which will be followed by a march of Runabout racers.

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