Teams to test skills at Hana Play Cup in Hà Nội

The four-side Hana Play Cup will be organised on January 23-27 in Hà Nội, featuring two strong Vietnamese and two foreign clubs.


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Captain Nguyễn Văn Quyết (left) and his Hà Nội FC teammates in training. They will take part in the Hana Play Cup on January 23-27 in Hà Nội. Photo courtesy of Hà Nội FC

HÀ NỘI — Việt Nam’s strong clubs Hà Nội FC and Thể Công Viettel have been preparing for competition at the Hana Play Cup, where they will meet South Korean Daejeon Hana and Bali United from Indonesia on January 23-27 in Hà Nội.

The tournament, presented by BIDV, is jointly organised by Daejeon Hana Citizen FC and Vietfootball.

Daejeon Hana are in Việt Nam for their overseas training campaign in preparation for the 2024 K-League season, while Bali United also considers this tournament one of their activities for their local leagues in 2024.

Hà Nội and Thể Công-Viettel are among the candidates for the national championship. While Hà Nội have won the trophy six times and placed second five seasons, Thể Công-Viettel have lifted the cup five times.

Bali, based in Gianyar, are the first professional football club in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, also the second in Asia. The club won the Liga in 2019 and 2022. 

Daejeon Hana finished eighth in the K League 1. In their comeback to the highest-level league after seven years of absence, they successfully maintained their place in the top tier of South Korean football, which wrapped up last month.

“We take part in the tournament to test players’ performance after a long break. As a new coach of the club, my players and I have been working together for short time. The cup is important for me and I hope we will earn the best results,” said coach Nguyễn Đức Thắng of Thể Công-Viettel.

Coach Daiki Iwamasa of Hà Nội will also make his debut at the tournament after he signed a contract with the former champions earlier this month.

The Japanese tactician also wanted to take as many wins as possible as it was a preparation for his side for the V.League 1 on February 17.

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Football coaches and players take part in a press conference announcing the Hana Play Cup on January 22-27 in Hà Nội. Photo courtesy of Vietfootball

Iwamasa said he would give opportunities to his young players who showed their potential in recent training. He would test their ability before fielding them on the tough V.League 1 game.

He added that every team had their own strong and weak points. He did not only care about their strong points, but focused on helping his team do their best.

Through this tournament, Daejeon Hana plan to check their skills with various teams and promote international exchange through football in the Asian stage.

Coach Lee Min-sung said some of his players were not at their best fitness, but his coaching board had plans to help them perform well in the upcoming event. The team wanted to play in the final match and take the championship trophy.

Coach Stefano Cugurra of Bali United said the cold weather was not a big problem for his side, although in Bali it is usually over 30 degrees Celsius.

Players did practise in cold weather in their last year training in Australia. 

The team arrived in Hà Nội on the weekend and players would quickly adapt to the challenge. Playing at the Hana Play Cup against strong rivals would help them prepare their physique and performance when they were back home for local competitions.

At the Hana Play Cup, teams will play in knockout format. Two winners of the first match on January 23 will compete in the final on January 27.

Games will be broadcast live on Sky Sports in South Korea and VTVcab in Việt Nam.

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