Park Hang-seo opens football academy in Hà Nội

The Park Hang Seo International Football Academy has opened in Hà Nội, expecting to bring not only football technique but also life skills to youngsters.


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President Park Hang-seo speaks at the official launch of the Park Hang Sep International Football Academy on August 30 in Hà Nội. Photo of Động Lực Group

HÀ NỘI — Former national head coach Park Hang-seo on August 30 officially opened his Hà Nội-based international football centre to nurture young Vietnamese football talent and provide quality players for the future.

The Park Hang Seo International Football Academy has two camps in Cầu Giấy and Tây Hồ District focusing on establishing a new youth football development system for children between the ages of five and 11 years old.

Players will learn, improve, and enhance their technique by many ways of playing football. These include the combination of skill-guided challenges, appropriate questioning, demonstration and teaching to help learners achieve their true potential.

The academy creates a training environment that challenges learners to become confident, imaginative, creative and expressive through actions both during and after practice, in and out of football, as the foundation for developing good players and people.

Recently, there have many recruitment tests organised in which interested trainees took part in different activities and met with coach Park, who is president of the academy, in person.

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Representatives of the Park Hang Sep International Football Academy and Động Lực Group. Photo of Động Lực Group

Speaking at the launch event, Park said when he worked with the national team of Việt Nam he did try his best to meet supporters’ expectation. And it was suitable time to repay what he received from Vietnamese people. 

“Our academy will open a new training system towards the future Vietnamese football development,” he said.

“I believe that Việt Nam football must have international competitiveness to be able to rise to the top of Asia and shine in the world. Hopefully, the small changes that I am starting can lead to the development of Vietnamese youth football and contribute a little to the educational culture.”

The South Korean said the academy would apply the pyramid model in its training. Any child interested in football can join in the courses. The good ones will be lifted to higher level classes and take part in national youth events. Among them, potential players who have potential will be supported to become professional footballers.

He also promised to create best conditions for young talent to go abroad to sharpen their skills and return to contribute for national football and domestic teams.

At the Park Hang Seo Academy, players will also learn many life skills such as cooperation, teamwork, communication and friendship.

The President of the Việt Nam Football Federation Trần Quốc Tuấn expressed his pleasure and said it was necessary to have a community football centre at international level in Việt Nam. Hopefully the Park Hang Seo Academy will contribute to finding and developing young football talents.

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Representatives of the Park Hang Sep International Football Academy and Đông Đô Hospital sign a Memorandum of Understanding on August 30 in Hà Nội. Photo of Đông Đô Hospital

At the launch, the academy received strong support from strategic partners including the Động Lực Group and Đông Đô Hospital.

Động Lực promised that with its diverse ecosystem of products in the sports industry, the Park Hang Seo International Football Academy will be supported with the most modern sports equipment and accessories, especially high quality balls that meet FIFA Quality Pro standards.

In addition, with exclusive technology transfer from Japan, the group’s Jogarbola Vietnam brand will bring cool, durable, sweat-absorbent outfits for trainee, trainers and staff of the academy.

Meanwhile Đông Đô Hospital will take care of comprehensive medical examination and treatment for young players during practice, especially problems related to refraction, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system.

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