Nậm Cứm Village offers tourists spectacular ban flowers in March

Ban (bauhinia) flowers can be seen in different regions in Việt Nam but talking about ban is talking about Điện Biên, the truly home land of the beautiful blossoms.


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The Nậm Cứm Village is about 30km from Điện Biên Phủ City, Điện Biên Province. Photos

ĐIỆN BIÊN PHỦ — Ban (bauhinia) flowers can be seen in different regions in Việt Nam but talking about ban is talking about Điện Biên, the true home land of the beautiful blossoms.

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Nậm Cứm is home to Mông ethnic people but their houses are similar to the traditional houses of the Thái group.

Representing purity and innocence, they are also a symbol of happiness and love. They start to bloom in mid-February and are in full bloom in March.

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An overview of Nậm Cứm Village from above.

The flowers have been mentioned and honoured in poetry and music as a typical symbol associated with the cultural life of Northwestern people, especially those of Điện Biên, which has become a must-visit destination every March.

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The village is home to more than 60 households of Mông people who still preserve their traditional customs and habits.

Passes, mountains and roads leading to mountainous villages are filled with the soft flowers of pure white with a pinkish hue as Điện Biên is home to many ancient ban forests, one of which being Nậm Cứm in Ngối Cáy Commune, Mường Ảng District.


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Nậm Cứm Village is covered by pure white ban flowers in March.


About 60 families are located in Nậm Cứm Village, all of whom are Mông ethnic minority people.

Although it is a Mông village, its name is taken from the Thai ethnic group language. Nậm Cứm means cold water, roughly understood as a place close to the water source flowing to the ravine so it is cold all year round.

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The Northwest region and Điện Biên are covered in a thick blanket of white petals. 

The people here live on a steep mountainside, with their houses built clinging to concrete roads. According to local residents, every year in March, the whole village is immersed in white ban flowers from many ancient trees, setting a stunning scenery that people are unable to take their eyes off of.

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Ban flowers have become a symbol of the land and its people. 

Departing from Điện Biên Phủ City, visitors go to the intersection of Phiêng Ban Valley in Nà Tấu Commune, turn left and go through the centre of Ngối Cáy Commune, Mường Ảng District. There they will get to Nậm Cứm Village, where big ancient trees with white buds and flowers will welcome you to the kingdom of ban. 

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Ban flowers and trees are part of local people’s lives.

The beautiful scenery of ancient white ban forests, winding roads, and pristine villages on majestic mountain slopes will be an unforgettable experience which should not be missed, highlighting the Northwest region in general and Điện Biên in particular.

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Ban flowers with white petals and purple-pinkish pistils.

The Northwest region has favourable conditions for travelling such relatively close proximity to the capital city, convenient transportation and magnificent natural scenery.

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A young woman admires the scenery of ban blossoms.


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Ban flowers make the Northwest region a place to visit in March.