Nam applies rear-choke to defend MMA LION Championship belt

Phạm Văn Nam keeps LION Championship belt after beating challenger Đinh Văn Hương in a thrilling night of MMA on August 12 in Hà Nội.

Mixed Martial Arts

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Phạm Văn Nam (centre) hold his MMA LION Championship’s 56kg belt after his win over Đinh Văn Hương on August 12 in Hà Nội.  — Photo of courtesy of VMMAF

Thanh Hà

HÀ NỘI — Phạm Văn Nam successfully defended his belt at the Mixed Martial Arts LION Championship (LC08) after a submission win over challenger Đinh Văn Hương on August 12 in Hà Nội.

The 56kg title bout promised to be an aggressive fight since the organisers announced their schedule in early July with both two competitors provoking each other on Facebook.

Both were confident with their backgrounds and careful preparations.

Nam has trained in many styles of martial arts for years and currently trains at the national top Saigon Sport Club. His ability has never been in question after his wins last season that brought him the precious title.

Meanwhile Hương was 2016 Asian wushu championship winner who won silver at the 32nd SEA Games. He also worked with jujitsu champions to improve his wrestling skills in the last few months.

Hương dominated the match from the beginning as he sent number of heavy kicks to Nam.

The defending champion also took his rival down several times but Hương quickly escaped and fought back. His punches and kicks caused big trouble for Nam in the first two rounds.

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Phạm Văn Nam (right) applies his rear-choke to Đinh Văn Hương during the men’s 56kg belt bout of the MMA LION Championship. Nam wins to keep his title. — Photo of courtesy of VMMAF

The turning point came midway through the third round. Nam who is known for his master grappling skills, took Hương down again. His rear choke gave Hương no chance to fight back.

Nam was announced winner of the match and walked away with his belt and VNĐ120 million (US$5,050) bonus.

Hương received VNĐ40 million. And both earned VNĐ10 million each as their match was voted the Fight of the Night.

After the match, Nam thanked his coaches and SSC teammates who assisted him to prepare for the fight, and his family who came to the Tây Hồ Gymnasium to support him.

“My sincere thank you is to my coaches and teammates who gave me professional training environment and take care of my technique, nutrition, fitness and tactics,” said Nam.

“Thank you, my wife, you have taken care of our son so I can focus on training. I also appreciate the supporters who encouraged me before and during the match. You have given me more motivation to win.”

Nam also praised his rival: “Hương, you are a brave and resilient fighter. It is my pleasure to combat you and we have together given the audience the most eye-catching match. I am luckier than you in this match. You will go even further in your MMA career.”

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Brazilian Robson Oliveira Soares celebrates his win over Vietnamese Phan Huy Hoàng in the men’s 60kg bout of the MMA LION Championship. — Photo courtesy of VMMAF

The main card match of the LC08 event was the eighth one of the class A which for the first time saw all bout ended with submission and technical knockout results.

Earlier, Lê Văn Tuần defeated Dương Thanh Hùng in the third round of the men’s 60kg by his ground-and-pound and secured a technical knockout win.

Also in the 60kg class, Brazilian Robson Oliveira Soares proved his power with a rear-naked-choke against Vietnamese Phan Huy Hoàng.

In the 70kg, Bàn Văn Hoàng came from behind to technically knocked out Nghiêm Tùng Lâm in the first round.

In the women’s 52kg, Hồ Thị Ngọc Bích took Đỗ Thị Ngọc Hân down before delivered a rear-choke to give her a submission win, also in the first round.

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Hungarian Bianka Balajti (right) takes a submission win over Vietnamese Nguyễn Thị Uyển Nhi in the MMA LION Championship’s women’s 56kg class. — Photo courtesy of VMMAF

In the women’s 56kg, Hungarian Bianka Balajti escaped from a leg lock and secured an submission win with a rear-naked-choke over Vietnamese Nguyễn Thị Uyển Nhi. It took her only four minutes to finish the match, her third win in the 2023 LION Championship series.

Two other wins were in the men’s 56kg categories. Phan Thanh Tùng beat Đặng Văn Quý, and Trần Trọng Kim defeated Phạm Bá Hợi, both were submissions.

The LC09 will be held in HCM City’s Rạch Miễu Gymnasium on September 9.

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