“Moment of Happiness” photo exhibition opens in HCM City

Dozens of photos taken by young people capturing moments of happiness are displayed at a two-day exhibition called “Moments of Happiness” at HCM City Fine Arts Museum in HCM City.

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Young visitors at the “Moments of Happiness” exhibition in HCM City. The exhibition will be at HCM City Fine Arts Museum until Friday. –

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Photo Thu Ngân

HCM CITY – Dozens of photos taken by young people capturing moments of happiness are displayed at a two-day exhibition called “Moments of Happiness” at HCM City Fine Arts Museum in HCM City.

The event is part of the “Embrace Happiness” campaign developed by an FPT University student group inspired by the FPT Corporation’s guiding principle of “Creating Happiness”.

With the purpose of spreading awareness about choosing happiness, the campaign aims at sending young people the message of “choose happiness in every moment; choose moments for true happiness” so young people from 18 to 25 realise that happiness is a choice and we should embrace the present moment.

In addition, the spirit of happiness is elevated when we choose to share and spread positive actions within the community.

“This is a special event and the first time that the HCM City Fine Arts Museum has collaborated and supported a student group from FPT University to organise an exhibition. I believe that this exhibition will provide viewers with interesting and meaningful experiences while also enhancing self-awareness of happiness and spreading happiness to others,” said Trần Minh Công, deputy director of the HCM City Fine Arts Museum.

Furthermore, Công added, the exhibition was evidence of the collaboration and connection between cultural and educational institutions in the development and dissemination of art.

At the exhibition, three judges who represent three different shades of the pursuit of happiness announced the top three inspirational artworks corresponding to the three different shades from the top 50 voted in the online competition held previously.

The three winning photos are Hào Hùng 20/11 by Nguyễn Đình Bảo; Ngủ by Phan Mạnh Cường and Cây Kem Hạnh Phúc by Huỳnh Lê Khang.

“I find it very interesting to have the opportunity to understand more about happiness through visual language from the perspective of young people in Việt Nam. From these diverse frames, we can easily recoganise that happiness exists in every moment of life and that also highlights the unique local characteristics and distinctiveness of each individual and each culture,” said judge Salvador Pérez Arroyo, an architect and photographer from Spain.

During the two-day exhibition, many interactive activities and exchanges will be organised to provide an opportunity for everyone to share and record their own moments of happiness. –

Theo Vietnamnews