Bright spot in FDI attraction in first half of 2021

VOV.VN – The newly and additionally registered capital poured into Vietnam by foreign investors during the first half of the year has witnessed an upward trajectory, despite a decline in capital contribution and share purchases, according to the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI).

Bright spot in FDI attraction in first half of 2021

Out of the total of US$15.27 billion in FDI attraction in six months, newly-registered capital reached US$9.55 billion, an annual rise of 13.2%, while adjusted capital increased by 10.6% to reach US$4.12 billion.

Meanwhile, capital contribution and share purchases by foreign investors dropped 54.3% compared to the same period from last year to US$1.61 billion.

Pham Dinh Thuy, director of the Industrial and Construction Statistics Department, emphasised that newly and additionally registered capital by foreign investors has increased sharply by 13.2% and 10.6%, respectively, year on year.

The rise is considered a bright spot in the overall FDI picture in the reviewed period, despite the complicated development of the COVID-19 pandemic, said Thuy.

He also noted that the processing and manufacturing sectors have attracted US$6.98 billion, taking the top spot among 18 industries in relation to FDI attraction.

Favourable indicators, such as political stability, strong economic growth, extensive international economic integration, success in COVID-19 containment efforts, and the improved business climate are all expected to create additional opportunities for Vietnam to attract greater FDI in the coming months, according to experts. 

They pointed out that Vietnam represents an attractive destination in terms of the fourth wave of FDI attraction amid increasingly fierce competition regarding FDI attraction among countries globally.

Economists advised local firms to become more proactive and creative while striving to improve the overall quality of human resources in order to take full advantage of opportunities from the fourth wave of FDI.


Bright spots in FDI attraction in first half of 2021 (