Exhibition celebrates 45th anniversary of art history and criticism faculty

The event showcases 59 works by 35 artists, including lecturers and students who have been teaching and studying at the faculty since its first days and those who have just begun their first or second year of study there.


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‘Ai lên Xứ Lạng’ (Lạng Sơn Land), an oil painting by Nguyễn Trọng Cát. — Photo courtesy of the artist

HÀ NỘI  An exhibition displaying artworks by generations of artists from the Việt Nam University of Fine Arts will open this week in Hà Nội.

The event called Đồng Hành (Accompany), will showcase 59 works by 35 artists, including lecturers and students who have been teaching and studying at the Art History, Theory and Criticism Faculty (HTCF) at the universary

It aims to mark the 45th anniversary of the faculty and at the same time create connections between generations of lecturers and students.

The exhibits include paintings, graphics, sculptures and prints, reflecting the concepts and personalities of each author.


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‘Hoa Của Ngày Ấy’ (Flowers of That Day), a lacquer painting by Nguyễn Mai Loan. — Photo courtesy of the artist

The authors said they exhibit their artworks as a way to show a convergence of passions, creation and particularly express their pride in their time to study and work at the faculty, according to curators.

They regard the event as a chance to air their concerns about career and life, convey a message to viewers about their love toward art, and encourage the staff and students at the faculty to try their best to continuously achieve successes in their art creation and development. 

Đồng Hành will open today and run until Saturday at the University of Fine Arts, 42 Yết Kiêu Street, Hoàn Kiếm District.

In celebration of the 45th anniversary, alumni and lecturers also issue a book themed Những Giác độ Nghiên cứu Mỹ thuật (Perceptions of Art Research), a collection of their research articles over the last five years.

The HTCF was founded in 1978, in the new conditions of the country just coming out of wartime to enjoy peace after reunification. It was also the time for the national art sector to embark on rebuilding and “set a new shape” for development.


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‘Ánh Xạ’ (Light Refraction), watercolour on poonah  paper by Phan thanh Hiền. — Photo courtesy of the artist

The Việt Nam University of Fine Arts, formerly the Indochina College of Fine Arts, is known as the “cradle” training the “first master painters” of modern Vietnamese fine arts. Although the HTCF was established later, it is extremely an important part of the university as it helps train leading researchers, critics and art theory lecturers in the country.

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‘Thiếu nữ Dao’ (A Dao Ethnic Girl), copper sculpture by Lê Đình Bảo. — Photo courtesy of the artist

Đặng Thị Phong Lan, former student and current vice-principal of the university and director of the HTCF, said the study of theory, history and art criticism was essential in Vietnamese art. 

There are currently only two main institutions in Hà Nội and HCM City to formally train the theory, history and art criticism, and graduates can be available to work in all areas of society, making important contributions to the development of the country’s fine art sector, according to Lan.

Previously, art criticism was integrated into other modules, but it has now become an independent programme as one of the important subjects of art theory, history and criticism.

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