Beating Indonesia would open door to next round for Việt Nam: Troussier

Philipe Troussier and Shin Tae-yong both want to win their match at the 2023 Asian Cup’s stage group.



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Philipe Troussier and his Vietnamese players training on January 18. Việt Nam will play Indonesia in a second round match of the 2023 Asian Cup’s Group D on January 19. Photo courtesy of VFF

HÀ NỘI Philipe Troussier said a win over Indonesia was part of Việt Nam’s plan to take at least six points from the 2023 Asian Cup’s stage group.

The French tactician showed  confidence at a press briefing, saying it was to help Việt Nam qualify for the knockout round as one of two leading teams of Group D on January 18 in Doha, Qatar.

“The match against Indonesia is still part of the process towards qualification to the second round,” said Troussier. “It remains in our hands because there are still six points to get in theory. 

“To qualify for the second round, we need points, we need goal difference. It means from now we have destiny in our hands. 

Troussier said, even though Việt Nam lost the first match (against Japan), his team produced a strong performance especially in terms of controlling the ball. This performance gave the players confidence. 

“It’s clear that if we want to win tomorrow, we have to control the game, be patient and wait for the right moment. We also know that we have to face the spirit of Indonesia, and I believe that we are ready,” he said.

He added that Indonesia was a tough rival who had high fighting spirit and strong stance, so Việt Nam had to control the ball even better.

Against Japan, Việt Nam played to position themselves. Against Indonesia, Việt Nam wanted to affirm their place in Southeast Asia. Việt Nam were ready for the match which was no different from the AFF Cup final. If we could not do the task, we will make plans to have suitable points so that we could pass the group round, he said.

Asked about the Indonesian line-up, Troussier named Marselino Ferdinan and Rafael Struick as outstanding players. However, he believed that their strongest point was fighting spirit which they showed in the match against Iraq. Despite loss, they were determined and united.

“The match will be tough for both sides which want to win to go further in this tournament and prove our level. The winning team will have the advantage to advance,” he said.

Goalkeeper Nguyễn Filip also attended the briefing. He respected Indonesia as much as Japan but confirmed Việt Nam’s three-point target. He said by just winning three points, Việt Nam could continue with the tournament. 

He said he knew the tense matches between Việt Nam and Indonesia. Vietnamese players would try to avoid collisions so that if fair-play points and other ratings were counted, Việt Nam would be considered better.

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Shin Tae-yong (centre) expects to win against Việt Nam in the eighth meet as coach of Indonesia. Photo courtesy of AFC

On the other side, coach Shin Tae-yong of Indonesia seeks his first win against Việt Nam to end his sad record of a streak of seven with no wins.

At the U23 level, Indonesia lost two and drew one, while at the national level he lost two and drew two. But he is keen to approach the match at Abdullah Bin Khalifa Stadium as a standalone without the baggage of history.

“For Indonesia and Việt Nam, we have faced each other for a long time, not only at this Asian Cup but also the World Cup qualifiers,” said the 53-year-old.

“We both lost our first match so this one is important for both of us, and both sides will be going for the win.

“Regardless of any results from the past, what is done is done. I’m sure in tomorrow’s match, we will be better than before and we will show better performance compared to previously.

“It’s a privilege to participate in this competition so the players will have a strong will to win against Việt Nam.”

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