Bắc Giang organises culture, tourism week to attract more tourists in 2024

The Bắc Giang’s Culture and Tourism Week 2024 offered many interesting activities that lured huge number of visitor to the province in the early month of this year.


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Artists perform with drums at the opening ceremony of the Tây Yên Tử Spring Festival and the Culture and Tourism Week of Bắc Giang Province in 2024 under with the theme “Sacred Tây Yên Tử”. Photo

BẮC GIANG — The Bắc Giang’s Culture and Tourism Week 2024 offered many interesting activities that lured a huge number of visitor to the province last month.

Vice Chairman of Bắc Giang People’s Committee Mai Sơn said the event from February 20-25 attracted not only domestic but also foreign tourists from many cities and provinces.

He said the Culture and Tourism Week 2024 was a cultural and socio-economic event with activities to introduce, promote and stimulate travel demand to Bắc Giang. At the same time, it strengthened links and cooperation in tourism development between localities and created opportunities for travel agencies to research, expand their markets, and build new tours to introduce to tourists.

The Culture and Tourism Week was also an opportunity to introduce and promote cultural values ​​and different types of ecological and spiritual tourism, community tourism, sport tourism, and agricultural products to attract investment resources to develop this industry in Bắc Giang.

The highlight of the Week was the procession of the Tam Tổ Trúc Lâm (three monks who founded the Trúc Lâm Zen) from Vĩnh Nghiêm Pagoda in Yên Dũng District to Thượng Tây Yên Tử Pagoda in Sơn Động District.

The opening ceremony of the Tây Yên Tử Spring Festival and the opening of the Culture and Tourism Week took place on February 21 (the 12th day of the first lunar month) at the Tây Yên Tử Spiritual – Ecotourism Complex in Tây Yên Tử Town, Sơn Động District.

Other notable activities included an exhibition of “Antiquities of the Lý-Trần dynasties in Bắc Giang Province”; calligraphy writing performance and exhibition; Lý-Trần dynasties’ poetry through calligraphy; a display of tourism products entitled “The Path to Promoting Buddhism of the Trúc Lâm Yên Tử monks”.

There were also other special activities held within the framework of Culture and Tourism Week such as the Spring Newspaper Fair and exhibition of beautiful photos of the economic and social achievements of Bắc Giang; tug of war championship; Bắc Giang Rod Pushing Championship; and music and dance performance.

In districts and Bắc Giang City, many activities were also organised to respond to the provincial Culture and Tourism Week. Among them were the Forest Opening Festival on February 20 at Lord Then Temple, in Hương Sơn Commune, Lạng Giang District; the Sloong Hao Singing Festival and Tân Sơn Mountainous Spring Market in Tân Sơn Commune, Lục Ngạn District on February 20; the Festival of Then Singing – Đàn Tính (three-stringed musical instrument) at the Tây Yên Tử Spiritual — Ecotourism area in Sơn Động District on February 21; Non Vua Mountain at the Trúc Lâm Phượng Hoàng Zen Monastery, Yên Dũng District on January 24; the Spring Festival opening ceremony of Bát Nhã Pagoda in Huyền Sơn Commune, Lục Nam District on February 24; and the Spring Festival opening ceremony of Thần Nông Temple in Cẩm Lý Commune, Lục Nam District on February 24.

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