Art exhibition showcasing traditional folk materials opens in HCM City

A two-day art exhibition named “Đan Sắc” opens in HCM City on Saturday, showcasing the fusion of traditional folk materials and narratives of personal identity.


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The Đan Sắc art exhibition opens in HCM City on Saturday, featuring many products made from traditional folk materials. — Photo from the exhibition’s organisers

HCM CITY — A two-day art exhibition named “Đan Sắc” opens in HCM City on Saturday, showcasing the fusion of traditional folk materials and narratives of personal identity.

Each folk material encapsulates a symbolic characteristic of an individual’s personality, allowing audiences to recognise that within every heart lies beauty reflective of Vietnamese folk culture.

Organised by a group of FPT University HCM City’s students, the exhibition aims to enhance the understanding and interest of the Gen Z audience, particularly students aged 18-24, in folk culture. 

The primary materials showcased in the exhibition include silk, known for its softness; bamboo, recognised for its flexibility; and lotus, symbolising adaptability. 

These materials are presented in various forms, from traditional to modern applications, illustrating the enduring presence and evolution of folk culture in contemporary life.

“For generations, the cultural flow has been an underground current connecting generations. In that spirit, the creative art project Đan Sắc by the Gen Z student group has explored traditional folk cultural capital to bring forth diverse, vibrant, youthful products that are closer to urban youth. 

I believe that the multi-sensory experiential activities of Đan Sắc will be valuable experiences based on traditional materials. What the project team is doing will contribute to inspiring the exploration, spread, and preservation of the long-standing cultural values of each citizen in Vietnam,” said Nguyễn Hoàng Dương, exhibition’s professional advisor.

Featuring silk as a central material, the exhibition displays the Jade Dress design from the “Sculpture” collection by the young and talented designer Phan Hoàng Đăng. 

Born in 2000, Đăng has achieved significant success both nationally and internationally. He is the first Vietnamese to receive a fashion design scholarship from the prestigious NABA Design Academy in Italy. 

During his career, he has had the opportunity to meet with Anna Wintour, and supermodel Naomi Campbell, and received positive acclaim. Particularly noteworthy is his deep appreciation and exploration of the beauty of Vietnam in his artistic creations.

Regarding the lotus, the exhibition organisers collaborate with Ecolotus to exhibit the practical applications of lotus to showcase the diversity and versatility of this material. 

The exhibition also offers a multi-sensory experience with an artistic performance programme. 

Folk and modern performances captivate and provide the audience with an opportunity to learn more about folk culture. 

The programme features the participation of singer and songwriter Phan Thanh Nhàn with the performance “Đồ Quỷ” – a song from the Đan Sắc project that carries the rich colors of folk culture while maintaining a modern and fresh appeal for the Gen Z audience.

The programme also features the participation of artist Hải Phương with a solo performance on the zither.

Supporting the Đan Sắc exhibition in the role of artistic advisor is Đỗ Trọng Đạt. With extensive experience in the field of art and various roles, including Art Director at Bracom Agency, head of Design Anthropology School, and logo designer for brands.

The Dan Sac Art exhibition promises to offer an engaging experience for the youth, simultaneously emphasising humanistic values and positive aspects of folk culture, while spreading these meanings to the community, organisers said. 

The exhibition is organised at 22 Gallery in Tân Bình District of HCM City.

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